Nuclera is a Cambridge-based biotech company developing a next-generation DNA synthesis and automation platform based on engineered terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferases (TdT) to enable the production of gene and genome libraries. Nuclera’s TdT enzymes are proven to quantitatively incorporate a wide variety of reversibly terminating nucleotide triphosphates of all four nucleobases. Nuclera is the only enzymatic DNA synthesis company capable of sequence-specific oligonucleotide production. 
The project
After a successful investment round, the Nuclera team are accelerating a new scale-up strategy. As part of this strategy the team are evolving the way that the Nuclera brand is represented online. To achieve this the company is engaging a digital and creative services provider to help position the Nuclera as a global leader in DNA synthesis and automation. The resulting website will support Nuclera’s plans by catalysing business development and partnerships, supporting the company’s recruitment plans and bolstering the case for further investment.

This project was undertaken during my time working at Onespacemedia, we were approached to evolve Nuclera's brand and redesign their existing website to create a brighter and cleaner aesthetic. The content on their previous site didn't make it clear how revolutionary their technology is, the previous layout also didn't inspire users to interact with the site. It was important in this project to engage users, therefore call to actions were featured throughout to drive users to other related areas in the site. Also, using related, thought provoking content across the site will show a thriving and knowledgeable company whilst ensuring we don’t give users a reason to leave.

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