Alchemie Technology, based in Cambridge is pioneering the next generation of digital dyeing and coating technologies. Using a uniquely wide range of liquids and powders, its state-of-the art digital coating and 3D fabrication solutions have applications in a diverse range of industries including textiles, construction materials and electronics, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The project
Historically, Alchemie has generated the majority of its business through industry events, through their Endeavour machine, and is now looking to scale up its visibility and business development activities utilising different channels. Central to its new marketing and business development strategy will be the commissioning of a new website that showcases Alchemie’s products and services, its expertise and technology, team and associations in an engaging, intuitive and high performing web experience.
This project was undertaken during my time working at Onespacemedia, we were approached to create a clean and modern website which was consistent with the existing brand. The site needed to convey the benefits of Alchemie’s products whilst reinforcing the positive environmental impacts as a result of their machines. Utilising clean typography along with a solid hierarchy ensures users can easily digest information whilst being driven through various areas of the site.

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